Below You will find a selection of links to other Websites i  think you will find interesting.  These are divided up into sections including :

WW1 War Memorials, WW1 related, Canadian. Australian, Local Tadcaster, Family and Geneolagy search Websites,

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Old Front Line.  Paul Reeds excellent website which for someone like me who has just started to take an intrest in the great war and has a limited knowledge of the subject explains in laymans terms the events between 1914-1918. Includes links to other sites Paul has worked on over the years and a great links section to other ww1 related sites. 

The Long Long Trail   Chris Bakers site as been on the world wide web since 1996 and as evolved into a great referance site includes a link to the Great war Forum and as a section on Brothers who gave their lives on the same day just like the Wilkinson brothers from Ulleskelf mentioned on this site did.

Independent Newspaper 2009  50 Unseen Photos recently discovered.


 Yorkshire and the United Kingdom

Roll of Honour (Lest we Forget)  A wonderfull referance site detailing War Mmeorials from every County in the U.K. Martin Edwards has built up a fine database for Bedfordshire on the site, and he uses others to input data and photographs to build up a portfolio of memorials from the Boar war, WW1, and WW2. Always wanted to place details of your local memorial  on the web? This is your chance easy to follow details can be found on the site.

North Yorkshire

York And The Great War    A new website March 2006 which overlaps and compliments this website York being only 9 miles from Tadcaster. Steve Mattock has set himself the huge task of collecting details of the men and women from York and the surrounding area who gave their lives in the Great War. 

www.northallertonmemorials.org.uk    A website by Steve Metcalfe and the one that gave me the inspiration to start a website about my local memorials. One of the first WW1 War Memorial sites on the Internet.

West Yorkshire

Barwick in Elmet and Scholes   Nigel Marshalls Excellent new website May 2006 remembering the men from these two villages East of Leeds and 7.6 and 8.7 miles West of Tadcaster which like Steve Mattocks York and the Great War site compliments this website are you going to start a website to the North or the South of Tadcaster  ?.

Pudsey   A site remembering the names on War Memorials from Pudsey and district which is on the boundry of Leeds and Bradford.

Colne Valley  Steve Whitwams page dedicated to men from towns around Huddersfield taken from the Colne Valley Almanac of 1918.

South Yorkshire

Hoyland Memorial   A site started in 2002 and updated in 2006 by Peter Marsden remembering the men from this town near Barnsley.


Buckinghamshire Remembers   June, Peter and Martin Underwoods new site which pays particular homage to Buckinghamshire men who paid the supreme sacrifice and never lived to enjoy the relative peace that followed. Nov 2006


East Lancashire War Memorials    Dedicated to the memorials around Burnley, Accrington, Blackburn and the East Lancs area, including great extracts and photos from the Gallipoli diary of the Great Uncle of Susan Eldridge who runs the site. 


Wolverhampton War Memorials    Excellent Site dedicated to the men from Wolverhampton and the surrounding area by Doug Lewis a great tribute from the black country, now updated and easier to navigate. 


Lets not forget that it was not only the United kingdom and Ireland that lost men and women in the Great War .Memorials were erected in far flung corners of the old British Empire. Indeed not only were memorials erected, but streets, and even trees were named after battles or individuals to remember them. Here are a selection of sites i have found on the Web which i feel are worth looking at. If you would like your site adding or can recommend a site please contact me.  Dave.



Diggers Australian Memorials.   The ultimate ANZAC Website Excellent site detailing Australian Memorials and many links on this site regarding Australians and the ANZACS involvement in World War One.


Canadian War Memorials.   Details of War memorials throughout Canada.

New Zealand 

Taradale District    Remembers men from both world wars by Phill Lascelles.

Memorials    The ultimate NZ  War memorial site. Recording over 400 memorials including stunning photographs.   

                                            Regiments or Battalions   

This section of links are to sites dedicated to Regiments or Battalions from different Citys and Towns.

Accrington Pals  Dedicated to the men of the 11th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment by Andrew Jackson .One of the best WW1 sites on the internet. Tells the story of the men from this small Lancashire town made famous by the small black and white clip of those boys about to go over the top! 

Barnsley Pals   Part of the above site dedicated to the men from the 12th and 14th Battalions the York and Lancaster Regiment.

Sheffield Pals  Again part of Andrew Jacksons above websites detailing the story of the 12th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment.

Leeds Pals  Remembering the 15th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment By Stephen and Sam Wood.

Manchester Regiment A list of those Memorials around the Country that remember the Manchester Regiment from the Thameside Citizen

Birmingham Pals  Dedicated to the 14th 15th and 16th Warwickshire Regiment a very interesting War diary is included on the site.