Tadcaster War Memorial

The Tadcaster WW1 War Memorial was unveiled in July 1921 by Lord Brooksbank of Healaugh Manor who had funded the memorial privatly, he had lost his two sons during the great war ( Details on Healaugh page).

The Tadcaster Stone around the Memorial was replaced in later years by Samual Smiths Brewery who to this day have provded the stone when needed. There were many Brewerys at the start of WW1 in Tadcaster, one of these John Smiths encouraged their staff to enlist at the outbreak of war and provided a subsidie for each employee if they enlisted. By December 1916 over £5.000 pounds in subsidies had been paid to the 320 employees that had enlisted.






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As with many War Memorials mistakes were made this included mispelling of surnames wrong initials for forenames an ALIAS name done by men who had difficulty enlisting due to medical, age, bad past service records, one such man on the Tadcaster Memorial was William Kilkenny real name JohnTurner.

Thank You to Peter Bradshaw Tadcaster Historical Society for Copy of the Unveiling Ceramony of the Tadcaster War Memorial held in July 1921 .

The men remembered on the Tadcaster Memorial were also remembered on the British Legion Memorial plaque in St Marys Church Tadcaster, and on two large brass plaques inside the entrance to the Tadcaster Methodist Church situated opposite John Smiths Brewery. St Josephs Catholic Church remembers those that attended the church.

St Marys Church Tadcaster

Tadcaster Methodist Church

All the names from the main War Memorial and St Marys Church are remembered on these plaques. The additional name being Percy W Singleton.